"Alex Pinter Quintet"

In times of small chunks of information in big numbers, there's a desire for profoundness, ease and focus.With "The Beantown Experience", the Quintet's first release, guitarist and composer Alex Pinter has created a musical document that reflects his experiences during his stay at the american eastcoast and also his life as a a student at Berklee College of Music, aiming to tell a story. Embedded in a complex, modern harmonic context, clearly defined, melodic textured structures report about the composer's feelings and thoughts, an acoustic statement of the highs and lows that occured during this intense timespan.

  • Alex Pinter- Electric and nylonstring guitars/compositions
  • Stephan Dickbauer - Tenor sax/clarinet
  • Danny Grissett - Piano
  • Gina Schwarz - Bass
  • Klemens Marktl - Drums
  • *Special Guest Klaus Dickbauer - Alto sax


Austrian organic product, interested in an increase of the local music quality on the basis of arranging of beloved pop music as well as the production of such. Stefanie Pitsch screams into the world, Alex Pinter grabs the guitar, together they provide an all around service for the audience!

  • Stefanie Pitsch - Voc/compositions,
  • Alex Pinter- Guitar/compositions

"Duo Alex Pinter & Gina Schwarz"

What happens if you combine 2 open minded musicians with a strong jazz background who are open for literally anything? Who also, aside their passion for music, share a great friendship? Just a fun and exciting-to-listen-to duo setting. Alex & Gina include anything from chamber-influenced compositions via jazz repertoire to pop music in their playlist, get your ears ready to get flipped and twisted!

  • Alex Pinter- Guitar/compositions
  • Gina Schwarz-Upright Bass

"B.B.Q." - Boglarka Babiczki Quintet

A collective of musicians in Vienna, Austria, playing a twisted mixture of jazz, pop and world music. Music for your mind and soul with abstract lyrics, socially critical topics, black humor and white shirts. sometimes.

  • Boglarka Babiczki- Vocals / compositions
  • Julia Schreitl - Saxophone / Clarinet
  • Alex Pinter - Guitar
  • Wolfgang Bleckenwegner - E-Bass
  • Martin Peham - Drums


"Ricaricare"-(Italian for "Recharge") is the debut album of the exceptional artist KATIKA. Grown up in the Italian region of Abruzzo, life's journey led her across various locations in Europe to Vienna, where she lives and works today.Shaped by personal history, her multi-cultural past is reflected in her art, so it is not surprising that her lyrical voice likes to join in with gentle Bossa Nova rhythms, chanson-like guitar accompaniment or folkloristic as well as modern instruments. However, the starting point of her work is the singing based on the Italian "chitarra"."I'm thinking and feeling in my native language, which is Italian. I want to put my audience into vibration, 'cause I strongly believe in energies and their connecting element, which brings us closer together, although we're strangers to one another," the artist describes her approach.

  • Katika - Voc/compositions
  • Barbara Paierl - Sax/cl/voc/compositions
  • Alex Pinter - Guitar/ukulele/compositions
  • Martin Heinzle - Upright bass
  • Alex Kerbl - Drums